Image courtesy of khunaspix at [caption id="attachment_2248" align="alignright" width="206"] Image courtesy of khunaspix at[/caption]by Kristin Hillery When it comes to helping the environment, it’s the little things that really do count. And the more of those little things you can do at your restaurant, the... Read more..
iStock_000013773789XSmall By Kristin Hillery More and more restaurants are starting to realize the benefits of buying local. Really, why order a case of romaine hearts that were picked and packaged and placed on a truck over a week ago when you could get produce that was still growing on a farm two days ago? And it goes without... Read more..
Food Waste There's a new sustainability-based company and LEAF Approved Supplier getting a lot of buzz in Calgary right now. Kevin Davies, founder and CEO of Hop, sat down with us to discuss his new venture that is changing the game for local food production in Calgary. How would you describe Hop?Hop is creating a... Read more..