aXpQLs4AQ5e1EtmeYkz3_20140524_124026 by Kristin Hillery Several years ago, when I was just beginning my cooking career, I got a job as a garde manger cook at a not-to-be-named fine dining restaurant in downtown Austin, Texas that served a limited menu of modern French dishes, all of which were perfectly cooked and perfectly plated before going... Read more..
photo-1416453072034-c8dbfa2856b5 By Virginia Dakiniewich,  Recently, some restaurants have joined the sustainability movement and adopted practices which reduce waste and are more energy efficient.  When it comes to going green, they have implemented initiatives such as recycling programs, composting, using 100 percent post... Read more..
photo by LeeGillion free [caption id="attachment_2190" align="aligncenter" width="400"] photo by LeeGillion free[/caption]By Virginia Dakiniewich, onthevirg.caFood service providers try to balance costs and minimizing expenses while meeting the demands of their customers. Residual fats, oils and grease (FOG) are... Read more..