OD0S4044 Balzacs Cafes became the first LEAF certified cafe chain in September of 2011. Back then, Balzacs acheived LEAF certification through efforts such as local purchasing, offering vegetarian and vegan items, using recycled supplies, and energy efficient appliances and lighting. They also encourage sustainable... Read more..
iStock_000010554328XSmall Many restaurateurs recognize that there are benefits to becoming a greener business, but employee motivation may not be the first thing that comes to mind. Incorporating green practices into your food service business has many employee-related benefits, including decreased staff turnover, creating a... Read more..
roll of paper and a strip of paper form a question mark Local food, check. One hundred per cent recycled napkins, check. Composting program, check. Sustainability in foodservice is on the rise. With money to be saved in operational costs and growing consumer demand as awareness increases, many foodservice operators are looking to make changes that will help the... Read more..