Hearty Catering Brickworks Market August 2014-24  We love to highlight the great things that our LEAF certified members are doing both in the kitchen and in the community. Check out these updates from a few of our members, and then go taste them! PURPLE PASTRY CHEFChantal Zimmer, owner of The Purple Pastry Chef in Calgary, has been a LEAF member since... Read more..
The Coup post renovation LEAF restaurants are known for their environmental sustainability. While LEAF certification is an impressive accomplishment, LEAF members are encouraged to continue their sustainability efforts on an on-going basis. The following LEAF restaurants have continued their commitment to the environment with... Read more..
unsplash-bonus  Different people ’Go Green’ in their lifestyles, their homes or their business for a wide variety of reasons, this article will review some of those factors  You may decide to green your restaurant for any reason but there are many benefits when you Go Green today.  In business there are a number of... Read more..